5 Ways Drones can transform your business

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Drones are quickly becoming a part of everyday reality across the world. The drone market is predicted to balloon to 42.8 billion USD by 2025, and with that comes greater technology, and a wider variety of job creation.

Here are 5 ways adopting drones can transform your business.

Improving Safety

As the quality of drones continues to develop, the safety of operations will continue to improve. Over time, we will see drones replace the dangerous aspects of many jobs, including asset inspection, mine mapping and search & rescue operations. This increases the safety of operations and reduces the exposure to the business of an accident.

Improving Economics

A drone can be a substantial upfront investment, but it changes the nature of the business economically. A case in point: Flying a manned helicopter to inspect powerlines vs flying a drone to do the same job. Not only is that safer, but it is more cost effective, and it frees up employees to focus on providing value.

Working alongside existing assets

A drone, flying above the operation, does not interfere with current operations. It can simply be used in conjunction with current assets, supplementing existing processes. This allows flexibility and choice.

Expanding business capability

Drones have been touted for their ability to conduct a multitude of operations, from photography and video work, to agriculture, to even delivery. With the simple change of a camera, an individual drone can go from mapping crops, to taking photos of the coastline for a travel brochure, or to taking a video for a television program. The capacity of drones are such that their application and impact is economy-wide.

Changing the nature of business as we know it

Drones will have a significant material impact on business operations. What this will do is change the nature of employment: it will create new jobs, from Drone Pilot, to regulatory jobs, to new departments within corporations. Over time, employees will shift away from dangerous work, and as drones become a part of business as we know it, more time will be spent working with the technology, creating different, more cost-effective business outcomes. The adoption of drones will change the way business works, for many industries.

As drone technology continues to improve, it is likely to significantly impact the operation of life and business as we see it today. It is therefore important to adopt this technology, in order to gain an edge and maintain that advantage.

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